Catalina Island Yacht Charter

Catalina Island is all about nature and romance. It is the last Shangri-La on the ocean located 30 miles offshore from crowded Los Angeles coastal line. The island is part of Channel Island National Park. 90% of the island is covered by wilderness.

Experience a true island adventure by heading to Catalina Island off California’s beautiful coast with in a yacht charter. There’s nothing quite like it and Catalina features great recreational activities for a vacation. Offering a wide range of fun stuff, including scuba diving experiences like nothing else. You can also try “snuba,” a fun new way to experience scuba diving and snorkeling at the same time. Explore the island coastline from a submarine and observe the marine life that calls it home.

There are 2 developed areas in this island, Avalon City and Two Harbor Village. Avalon has all sorts of restaurants and attractions for tourists along with series of hotels. Two Harbor is just a small village with one restaurant, one lodge facility and it is ideal for nature lovers who enjoys the nature and loves the camping lifestyle.

Things to do in Catalina Island: Paradise for swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, biking, just great for most of outdoor activities

Quick facts


Suggested Airport
Los Angeles Intl


Average Temperature
69.9°F / 21°C


Annual Sunny Days 
More than 280


Best Boating Season
Year round


Stay Aboard Index
4 stars

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Hello Kitty

Featured Local Yacht

Welcome aboard, this is Hello Kitty, I’m a lovely 33’ sail boat. I have been a charter boat in this harbor servicing many customers who would like to see Los Angeles from the ocean. I love my harbor and bay. I sail around with my fellow dolphins, seals, whales, and seagulls. I am an affordable charter yacht in Los Angeles. I am highly tuned to the wind, and can take you and your group sailing fast and smoothly into the balmy breezes.

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