Long Beach

The California coast is a magnificent sight, and paired with the warm tropical temperatures of our region, you’ll experience true relaxation. Enjoy a day of sunbathing on your yacht’s deck or explore the various harbors and inlets of the Pacific coast. Get up close and personal with whales, sea lions, otters and more!

Long Beach also offers a number of exciting recreational opportunities, including the Aquarium of the Pacific. This renowned aquarium features more than 11,000 sea creatures from the Pacific Ocean, making for a one of a kind experience just like our yacht charter rentals.

Our yacht charter rental fleet includes large yachts for a yacht wedding and other special events, with sizes ranging from forty feet to over 200 feet and able to carry anywhere from 5 to 500 passengers or more.

In Long Beach, you can also rent one of our mega yachts, giving you the absolute height of luxury. With multiple levels of deck space, beautifully crafted interiors, jacuzzis, and grand dining rooms, our mega yacht charters are a magnificent yachting experience.